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     Welcome to Joyful Noise French Bulldogs!  We are middle Tennessee's premier breeder of high quality frenchies with color! We pride ourselves in the quality, health and temperament that our puppies have. We are located just approximately 2 hrs from Nashville and Knoxville where we raise high quality, standard and rare colored AKC french bulldogs. Our puppies are raised right with our family and are extremely well socialized. The quality, health and temperament of the dog always takes precedence over the color of the dog here, so we strive for structurally sound dogs, where their colors are just the icing on the cake! If you are looking for a high quality frenchie puppy to take a special place in your heart, you've come to the right place. The colors we can produce are blues, blue fawn, blue sable, blue and tans, blue, blue platinum, chocolate, chocolate fawn, chocolate sable, chocolate and tan, chocolate platinum, Lilac, Lilac fawn, Lilac Sable, Lilac and tan, Lilac platinum and merles in all of those colors. Along with standard colors of pied, fawn, brindle, cream. Nationwide shipping is available, where we hand deliver your puppy where we fly in cabin with your new baby for an additional fee. We are also on Instagram as @joyfulnoisefrenchies and Facebook at


We are so excited to announce that we have been officially recognized as a good breeder by good!! Click here for more info!

Our retired Frenchie Betty with her new owner, model Emma Schwartzmiller
Our retired Frenchie Betty with her new owner, model Emma Schwartzmiller


Pall Mall TN

cell: 931-771-1100