About Us ❤️

Kune kune pigs enjoying some grass

 My husband and I started our farm together in 2009, his family raised beef cattle his whole life and I raised and showed Persian cats for 10 years when I met him. We started out with a little herd of fainting goats to help keep our grass down in our fields and has since grown into nigerian dwarf goats, alpacas, kune kune pigs, Meishan pigs, chickens, ducks, Turkish Kangal livestock dogs and a couple emus. He primarily takes care of our farm, and I have my french bulldogs. We have over 50 years of combined animal husbandry experience between the two of us and we both have a passion for animals and pride ourselves in the loving temperament that all of our animals have. When someone has an animal of ours, they become part of an extended family as we love seeing updates and how they are maturing! We have a private facebook group where our Puppy families can share bragging rights on their puppies and interact with other families that have siblings of their puppies and I share informative articles relating to the health and welfare of the breed. We have puppies for sale a couple times a year. Thank you for visiting and God bless you and yours!