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Helpful Product Links

Helpful Products and Coupon Codes!

I am often asked about products I recommend for use with our precious pups! I decided to create a page with links on the best places to purchase these products. 

Because we live in the mountains and our closest bigger stores are a good hour away, I do most of my shopping online. I shop alot on Amazon Prime. 

Exercise Pens

 Exercise/play pen - these work great for having a place to put your puppy when they can't be supervised. You can attach the playpen to your Potty Training Puppy Apartment and have room to keep toys, food/water and their bed. 

IRIS 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, size 35.25"L x 35.25"W x 24"H

Potty Training Puppy Apartment Save 5% with coupon code: JNFB15469
Potty Training Puppy Apartment Save 5% with coupon code: JNFB15469

Potty Training Puppy Apartment 

 Potty Training Puppy Apartment (PTPA) by Modern Puppies 

We believe this is a great product that will enhance your ability to potty train your puppy with minimal mess and bother and in a reduced time period, while providing the kennel that you will need anyway. Whether you buy a puppy from us or not, we highly recommend this product. Use the coupon code (JNFB15469) to receive a 5% discount on your purchase.

Below is a 15 min video thoroughly explaining this product and the benefits it entails. For more information and to order this product and accessories visit their website at

Click here for video

Raw Feeding Links:

For help finding raw feeding sources by state:

Dr. Harvey for raw feeding bases (just add your protein of choice)

For Kibble use:

Pick up:

All life stages in green bag

Plus the Life's Abundance pork/venison canned food - always good to have on hand

TIP: if you get the 40lb bag and choose auto ship on checkout, you’ll save 20% plus you’ll save on shipping costs not having to have it shipped as often 

I also recommend all of the treats, grooming supplies and cleaners from Life's Abundance as well, as I use them myself and they work great and they are all safe on animals 

Nuvet Immune Support Vitamins

K-9 Wafers please order from this link


Natural Pet wormer it REALLY works, it's almost exclusively the only thing I use on ALL my dogs!! Use 1/4 tsp (puppies) to 1/2 tsp (adults) of formula 1 for 3 days in a row, then use the same dosage of formula 2 once per week.  ❤️ 

Do not use formula #1 in pregnant or lactating animals, use formula 2 in that case 

Consistency is key 🔑🗝️

Zak George House Training Tips

Dog Training App

Moropaky Hearbeat Toy for Dog Anxiety Relief Behavioral Training Aid Toy

Puppy playpen 

IRIS 4-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, size 35.25"L x 35.25"W x 24"H

Grass Potty Patch - great for city dwellers with apartments!

PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training. Training Guide Included 3 Sizes. Choose The Right Size for Your Dog. Great for Senior Cats with Special Needs and Rabbits.USA

(Pick up alfalfa horse pellets from tractor supply)


Natural Dog Company Products

Receive 15% off with code JOYFUL15 at checkout 

I highly recommend any of their products ❤️

But especially:

Petqwerks Dog toys 15% off with code JOYFUL777

Handmade collars and harnesses

(size small for puppy - medium for adult for harnesses) 

20% off using code JOYFUL at checkout

F&B all natural dehydrated dog treats all natural treats

10% off using code joyful10 at checkout 

Puppy Boutique back pack harness

30% off using code joyfulnoisefrenchies 

Puppy Apartment potty training crate

5% discount using code JNFB15469


Activate your pet insurance within the first 24 hrs of getting your new puppy home!

Your special activation code will be in your puppy pack! If you can't find it, contact me. 


Please do not spay or neuter until 9 months of age!! I do not care WHAT your vet recommends, vets care about controlling the pet population. IF you spay before 9 months your dog will not have the proper hormones in which to grow to his or her potential. They need these hormones to mature and grow. (Most frenchies don't come into heat until 12 mos or after)


The puppy playpen works better for the first couple months than a crate does. You can put a pee pad holder in there or the dog litter box, bed, toys, food and water. Works great when you can't supervise them. 

When you come get him, you can just bring a dog bed, he'll most likely just curl up and sleep on the drive home.  To potty on the drive, just put a pee pad on the floor board of your car as you don't want to be putting them in grass or ground/floor that isn't your home/yard.