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Joyful Noise Frenchies, LLC


Our Puppy Contract

What goes into raising your Joyful Noise Frenchie Puppy?

We pride ourselves in the love and care that has gone into your new puppy. This page explains everything that your puppy has received while in our care and from what I understand and from what I've been told, there are very few breeders that come close to the level of care that they give their puppies before they leave. All of our puppies receive fresh frozen plasma right after birth to help them absorb the nutrients in their mother's milk and it helps build up their immune systems to make them stronger puppies. Age 2 weeks, our puppies are given a dose of pyrantel because most of the time puppies are born with some sort of parasite. At 4 weeks, pyrantel again. At age 6 weeks, panacur (wormer covers more parasites than pyrantel and safe to start it at 6 wks) and 8 wks, drontal plus, a broader spectrum wormer, microchip and 5 way distemper combo vaccination given. Our microchips come with lifetime registration included and 30 days of free health insurance. They are also seen by our vet and given a thorough check up, with a health certificate and they are good to go! Your new baby will need his/her next shot at 11wks when they would be due for the 3rd distemper combo and whatever your vet recommends at that point. We only recommend core vaccines, due to the vaccination sensitivity in some frenchies. And I always recommend benadryl injections at the vet before shots. 

Our Contract


 • A  pet puppy  is defined here to be a French bulldog puppy whose parents are registered with AKC, which has been agreed to be neutered or spayed by the age of 9 mo of age. DO NOT neuter before 8-9 months to achieve proper growth.  Failure to provide written proof of spay or neuter by no later than 9 months may involve filing with the magistrate for not complying with this contract. Unless other arrangements have been made. 


• The BREEDER does not assume any liability for any injury to said puppy after delivery to buyer 


• The BUYER agrees to have this puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery, and provide BREEDER with a copy of report.  If the puppy is found to be other than healthy by the BUYER'S veterinarian, it shall be returned to the breeder for a replacement puppy when one is available. I understand at this time of covid 19, it may be difficult to do this, so please get in within 2 wks of taking ownership of your puppy


• All appropriate shots for the puppy’s age have been given, and a record of this vaccination history is supplied.


• The BUYER agrees to maintain the puppy's health in good condition, and to provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm test, and any other usual procedures necessary to assure optimal health.


• The BREEDER has done everything possible to produce healthy sound puppies by raising the puppies in the best way possible in regards to diet, exercise, socialization and veterinary care.

• No refunds are given for any reason. Colors can change and sizes are our best estimated guess.


• We guarantee the health of this dog for a period of 72 hours from date of purchase for communicable disease, and up to 12 mos of age for life threatening genetic defects. To maintain this guarantee, puppy must be vet checked within 72 hrs of purchase date and proof submitted to Breeder. If this puppy is not checked within 72 hours of purchase date, the health guarantee part of the contract is null and void. In the event said puppy has any life-threatening genetic defects, a letter from the examining vet, describing how and what test determined the issue was genetic , please provide copies of all tests etc. be forwarded to breeders veterinarian and reviewed by breeders vet. If said puppy passes, in order for a replacement puppy , buyer MUST  PAY FOR AND HAVE A NECROPSY COMPLETED IMMEDIATELY AND THE NECROPSY RESULTS FORWARDED TO BREEDERS VET. If your pup has proven to have a genetic defect that puppy must be returned to Joyful Noise French Bulldogs within 1 week of vet exam for exchange of FUTURE puppy. Transportation is at your cost.


• Failure to provide a letter voids the contract. Joyful Noise French Bulldogs does not pay for any veterinarian costs or fees.


• proof of spay/neuter needs to be shown by no later than 9 months of age. (I recommend 8-9 mos) Also please wait until at least 8 months to consider spaying/neutering to insure proper growth. Please forward proof from vet. If proof is not shown in the time allotted, I will bill you for breeding rights which can be triple the cost of pet price and I will exhaust every option to collect on it. 


Please pick up your Nuvet Immune Support K9 Wafers


• Umbilical hernias, ears going up or down, tight nostrils due to teething /inflammation and allergies/sensitivities, vaccination reaction/sensitivities are common with the french bulldog breed. They are neither life threatening nor genetically hereditary. French Bulldogs commonly snort, sniffle, and snore. A clear discharge is normal, especially when the puppy is teething. Tight nostrils are very common and normally open and correct as your puppy matures. Ears may flop up or down while the puppy is teething. This is normal and giving plain yogurt or cottage cheese can help. Open fontanels (soft spots in the skull) are also common, and close as your puppy matures. I do not cover any type of vet bills EVER. Your new puppy is free of parasites and is deemed healthy by my veterinarian prior to leaving my home.

• This guarantee does not cover : Uneven Bites, Undescended Testicles, Prolapse, Umbilical/inguinal Hernias, Loose Hips, Loose Knees, Allergies, Ear Mites, Thyroid Dysfunction, Tumors, Growths, Scabies, Mite related illness, Parasites/giardia/coccidia, Entropion, Ectropion, Demodex mange and Glandular Hypertrophy (Cherry eye), Elongated Soft Palate, Stenotic Nares (small or collapsed nostrils)and other autoimmune disorders which are not covered by this guarantee. 


• Under no circumstances can the above puppy be resold, surrendered to a rescue or shelter or rehomed without permission from breeder. I care about my puppies for their lifetime not just while in my care. Should you find you can no longer care for above puppy it is to be returned to breeder  at no charge for rehoming unless you contact me with other acceptable arrangements 


• By reading / signing this document both parties acknowledge that they have read, understand and agree with the terms of this contract. Both SELLER and BUYER state that they are of sound mind and are entering into this contract of their own free will at the time of signing. Both parties will receive, and should maintain, a copy of this contract.


• The BUYER agrees that neither he/she nor the BUYER’S estate/executors may sell the puppy or transfer ownership of the puppy without the BREEDER’S knowledge and written consent.