Frankie - Quad (ayat) Lilac Male Stud Muffin

 Frankie is a gorgeous lilac brindle male quad carrier. That means he can produce all colors of the frenchie rainbow when paired with the right female.He has a nice big head and thick body.  We are excited to have him in our program, he consistently produces thick, big headed puppies and I love that. 

Diego - Chocolate and tan platinum (quad carrier) Hunk-meister ata/bb/Dd/ee/kbrky

Diego was produced here and we're so proud of him. He is a chocolate and tan covered in cream quad carrier. Only the second breeding male to be produced with his dna in the world and we couldn't be happier with the puppies he has produced so far! He's sweet as can be, he's just a total lover boy. For those interested in dna, he is an ata quad carrier, which means he can produce a rainbow of colors when bred to the right female