Joyful Noise Frenchies, LLC

Joyful Noise Frenchies, LLC


Available Retired Adults

 Occasionally, we have retired adults available from our breeding program. I only breed my females 2-3 times, so they are generally 2-3 yrs old when they retire. I like them to spend as little time of their life in a breeding environment as possible, so they can go on to enjoy the rest of their lives to the fullest. They are all crate trained, leash trained, house trained to a doggie door, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and all come with a little goodie bag. Retired dogs do not come with their akc papers.

I am very selective where my adult dogs go and I have an adoption questionnaire that needs to be filled out. Below are some of our adult dogs that will be available for adoption. Please contact me with inquiries. Prices run $1800 and up depending on the age of the dog 

Typically a deposit of $500 is placed on them which is put towards getting them spayed. And the the difference is due when they are ready to go about 3-4 wks after puppies are weaned. 

We are streamlining our breeding program so this is why I have more adults available right now